PaperTyger RFID

A multi-ply laminate that contains a security banner to prevent RFID detection while offering light-weight, water resistant, durability and the superior printing and converting benefits of the traditional PaperTyger line of products.

PaperTyger RFID has created the standard and number one position for RFID shielding barrier. PaperTyger RFID has developed into many applications within the RFID segment which include credit/debit and passport sleeves, envelopes, badge holders, and the preferred shielding membrane for RFID enhanced wallets, clutch bags and luggage.

How It Works

The unique configuration of PaperTyger RFID provides effective shielding at 13.56MHz and 860-980MHz by limiting the flow of RF energy between the reader and the smart card of other RFID device. The conductive layer in PaperTyger RFID creates a barrier which impedes communication between the reader and the card.

Product Ref Basis Weight Ply Caliper Paper Grade Master Roll Widths Applications
GSM LBS µm Mils mm Inches
F3309 120 32 4 105 4.2 Bond & Writing 1219 48 Envelopes, card sleeves, inserts, leather goods e.g wallets
F3284 135 35 3 82.5 3.25 Bond & Writing 1219 48 Activation labels, card sleeves, badge holders

1. Bond & Writing weight based on 17×22” 500 sheets per ream (1298.6 ft²)

PaperTyger RFID F3309 is available in a sheet size of 23×35” / 584x889mm. MOQ 8,000 sheets

Standard reels are available with 3” / 76mm, 5” / 127mm or 6” / 152mm cores.

PaperTyger RFID meets FIPS 201 requirements. Testing by independent laboratories proves that PaperTyger RFID provides effective shielding at various HF and UHF frequencies.

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